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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
Michelle Powell 1911

Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge

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    8 Twins of the zodiac

    9   COVID-19 therapeutic

  10   The “S” in ISMP

  11   Xanax is an example of this type of word

  12   OTC meds promote this kind of care

  13   Dried

  17   Joint stabilized by the ACL

  18   Pharmacist at many independent pharmacies

  19   HIV causes this syndrome

  21   Cells that protect or enclose organs

  23   1/28 of an ounce

  24   Inflamed bronchial tubes can cause this

  28   Inaccurate data can ____ results

  29   Sleeplessness

  30   In slang, a drink laced with an incapacitating drug


    1   Special delivery?

    2   Adverse consequence of treatment

    3   Oval track for horse races

    4   October birthstone

    5   Impulse transmitter

    6   The “h” in q.h.

    7   Shot that’s difficult to miss

  14   Common hospital name

  15   Genetic carrier

  16   Aspirin and ibuprofen

  20   Metformin is used to treat this

 22   Adenine or guanine, for example

  25   Diagnostic tracer gas

  26   Improve a skill

  27   Drop of salty liquid

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