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Crossword Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!
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Crossword Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge

Crossword March 2024


  1   Justification 
  4   Beginning, as for a symptom
  7   Really, really bad 
  8   One pharyngeal tonsil 
10   Bar codes can be used as an _______
11   Adderall target, briefly 
12   You may lose your sense of this if you have COVID-19
13   GLP-1 _______ agonists are increasingly used in weight loss
15   The “A” in ACTG
17   Obesity can do this to BP
20   Science, tech, engineering, and math (abbr.)
21   Concisely
23   A drug prescribed as H.S. should be taken in the _______ at bedtime
24   This form of an NSAID can still cause systemic adverse effects
25   Amphetamine ______ are used to treat 11 across
26   Its loss is an effect of semaglutide


  1   Like an animal foaming at the mouth, maybe
  2   Hypertension is known as the “silent killer” because of the _______ of symptoms in many patients 
  3   One of the penicillins
  4   _______ adults may be at risk for polypharmacy
  5   Helpful to those with SAD
  6   Femur
  9   At a _______ fee, very small
12   Benzodiazepines, phenobarbital, and lorazepam, for example
14   Its injectable form is often used to treat inflammation, as in a joint 
16   Presumed or supposed
18   Common symptom of exposure to poison ivy
19   Angiotensin-converting enzyme, in short
21   Using a neti pot may help clear this
22   Not the greatest

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