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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
Michelle Powell 167

Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge


    6 Palindrome before “buco”

    7  Community pharmacists are often this

  11  Affects more than 40% of the U.S. population

  12  Substance often found in hand sanitizer

  13  Feeling of extreme tiredness

  14  Mistaken idea, myth

  15  GLP-1 receptor agonist used for weight loss

  20  Forbidden by law or rules, as in some drugs

  22  Related to coughing

  24  Applies incorrectly

  26  Triangle with unequal sides

  27  Red, hot, and swollen

  28  ____ facto



    1  Banned fireproofing material

    2  Giving a measured amount of medication

    3  A person’s poundage

    4  ___ cava

    5  An albuterol or other short-acting inhaler is a must for this

    8  Rod-shaped bacteria

    9  Bath accessory for exfoliation

  10  Methyl, ethyl, or propyl compound, for example

  14  The most abundant natural one of these is sucrose

  16  Referring to the soft tissue that lines the mouth and nose

  17  Disorder characterized by seizures

  18  Greek sum

  19  Temperature of more than 100.4° F in a child or adult

  21  Amino acid that may help treat or prevent cold sores

  23  Medication that reduces LDL and increases HDL

  25  Brand name for a muscle relaxant that was commonly used years ago



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