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Crossword Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!
Kate Setzler 393

Crossword Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge

Blank crossword for December 2023


    1  Book jacket bits

    4  Cut back, as a dosage

    9  Attention ___

  10  Name for a pharmacist derived from ancient Greek

  11  Flushed, as in facial complexion

  12  Tear

  13  Recommends the use of, as for a medication

  15  Latin abbreviations for drugs delivered by this route
can be confusing (AU, AS, AD)

  16  Adderall target, briefly

  17  Originally developed as an antidepressant
but low doses help insomnia

  21  A vitamin, mineral, or protein, among others

  22  Vitamin B3

  24  Colds and coughs can cause this in kids

  25  Waste product of mammals

  26  Cause of hereditary variation

  27  Disease-carrying fly


    1  Can be associated with extreme mood swings

    2  _____ nerve (“funny bone”)

    3  Organ that stores urine

    5  Pharmacists commit to a code of these

    6  Developed into an inflamed and painful sore

    7  Inconsistent

    8  Working together, as physicians and pharmacists

  14  Globular, like a ball

  16  In some forms, ingredient in some antiperspirants

  18  High points

  19  Gullibility based on inexperience

  20  Topical drugs are administered by this route

  23  Many medications are formulated only for _____ patients



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