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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
Anonym 2019

Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge


    1   When this persists for the long term, drug therapy may be needed

    4   Oxidative enzyme

    8   The “A” in AFib

    9   Enterprise, for example

  12   Prefix with dextrous

  13   OTC treatments can help with these symptoms

  15   Condition that occurs when insufficient blood is pumped—and the topic of this month’s cover story

  18   Normal serum levels of TSH and T4

  20   Plant-based diet

  22   Digital photo format

  24   Blood–brain barrier, for example

  25   Transparent front part of the eye

  26   Move an Rx from one pharmacy to another

  27   Et ______ 


    1   Analgesic target
    2   Brainy

    3   Council that selects official generic drug names, in short

    5   Chloroquine, for example

    6   Resembling epinephrine

    7   Often leads to gesundheit

  10   Prefix for treatments related to the feet

  11   Pharmacists can improve this using patient-centered
strategies and communication

  14   Memorization targets in medicinal chemistry for pharmacists

  16   Pharmacists do so much more than this

  17   Part of the brain that processes emotions

  19   Egg

  21   Beta follower

  23   Target of an osteoporosis treatment



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