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Chris Johnson, PharmD, MEd, BCACP,
Assistant Professor, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Specialist,
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy, Little Rock, AK

Member since 2011

Chris Johnson, PharmD, MEd, BCACP,  Assistant Professor, Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Specialist,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Pharmacy, Little Rock, AK

APhA membership has been invaluable to my pharmacy career. My membership began within the first month of pharmacy school. At first it was a way to get to know other students pharmacists, but it became an avenue through which my classmates and I could use what we were learning to benefit our community. As I’ve progressed through my career, connections I’ve developed through APhA have helped me in numerous ways. I’ve learned about different ways to improve my practice and community involvement, how to advocate for the profession, and how to better advise student pharmacists.”

How has APhA helped you establish meaningful connections?

As a student pharmacist, membership in APhA helped me connect with my fellow student pharmacists and a community that was new to me. As a practitioner, I’ve been able to connect with students as a new practitioner mentor and then as an APhA–ASP Chapter advisor. APhA’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have provided excellent opportunities to be involved in the organization and get to know pharmacists from all over the country. I’ve had the chance to serve with many pharmacists within the Care of Underserved Patients SIG since its inception. We’ve built a network that shares ideas for improving pharmacists’ ability to provide care for our most vulnerable populations. It feels great to catch up with my colleagues at Annual Meetings!

How does APhA help you thrive in your everyday practice?

APhA helps me keep up to date through published resources, CPE units, BCACP credits, and various webinars that are available throughout the year. This helps provide me with up-to-date information so I’m providing the best evidence-based care I can to my patients. I find this particularly valuable in areas that are related to what I do in practice but I don’t use very often for various reasons, like diabetes technology. I also have developed a network of pharmacists with different knowledge and skills I can contact with questions about different cases that come up in practice.

What excites you about the profession of pharmacy?

While there are challenges in the profession, I see a lot of potential within pharmacy. Medications and their optimal use are only getting more complex and pharmacists can make sure that patients are receiving the best medications. Pharmacy gained a lot of authority during the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of testing, treating, and prescriptive authority. Advocacy will be critical, but I’m excited to see how the profession capitalizes on these advances!

Can you share a meaningful story about a time you interacted with a patient? Perhaps a time you felt like you really made a difference for them?

I had a patient whose insulin was being managed by our clinic’s pharmacy team. We kept increasing this patient’s dose because his blood glucose remained high.

Eventually, we spoke with him in the clinic, and he stated that his insulin pen wasn’t working. I had him walk through his injection technique with a demo pen and found that he wasn’t taking both caps off his insulin needles, so he wasn’t getting enough insulin. I spoke with his physician, who said that she never would’ve figured that out. We reset his doses, and I provided education on proper technique. The patient said that nobody’d talked to him about the pen needles before, and over time we adjusted his dose to get his blood glucose to a healthy level. ■

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Advancing pharmacy practice

JAPhA, the official journal of the American Pharmacists Association, is pleased to announce a call for papers for its seventh annual special issue showcasing the scholarship of pharmacy residents. The JAPhA Residency Issue is the ideal forum for pharmacy residents or recent residency graduates to publish scholarship conducted during their residency training. Authors are invited to submit manuscripts in the categories of Research, Research Notes, or Advances in Pharmacy Practice.

A unique aspect of this issue is that authors will be paired with a mentor from the JAPhA Editorial Advisory Board to help develop their writing skills during the peer review process. Submission deadline: Manuscripts must be submitted at by September 15, 2023. ■

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Get involved in APhA

Immunizations have become an integral service in pharmacy. The Immunizing Pharmacists Special Interest Group (SIG) offers a way to stay up to date regarding changes in immunization recommendations as well as a way to connect with others who are involved with immunizations. APhA–APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG provides members valuable educational tools including the Immunization Quick Reference Guide, Travel Health Guide, and regular webinars.

“The Immunizing Pharmacists SIG is a space for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and student pharmacists who are interested in all aspects of immunizations; you do not need to be involved with administering vaccinations to join. The SIG helps me stay up to date with immunization-related topics and provides a place to connect with like-minded individuals,” said Laura Knockel, Immunizing Pharmacists SIG coordinator. Visit for more information. ■

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Did you hear?

JFPS 2023 is the premier event for federal pharmacists and technicians from all service branches and federal agencies.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us in Dallas on October 29–31, 2023, for an inspiring and educational gathering focused on the theme A Unified Force for Patient Care.

By working together, federal pharmacists can achieve more and make a significant impact on patient care. This year’s meeting aims to break down silos and foster collaboration among federal pharmacists, all with the shared goal of providing the best possible care for patients.

Visit for updates on the meeting program, keynote speakers, registration details, and more. Together, let’s make a difference in patient care and create a unified force that drives positive change in the federal pharmacy community. ■



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