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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge

Crossword Puzzle - Nov. 2023


    1   Dermatitis often treated with corticosteroids

    4   Alias

    9   The “O” in P.O.

  10   Often a consequence of long shifts

  11   Referring to the kidney

  13   These patients often need the most care

  14   Pharmacists can make pediatric medicines more ______ by adding flavors

  16   Short comedy sketch

  17   The proper ____ needle is critical for injections

  18   CNS stimulant that can be used to prevent low blood pressure during anesthesia

  22   Exceptional rating

  23   Error allowance

  25   Amphetamines, caffeine, and nicotine, for example

  26   This and exercise are important for a healthy lifestyle

  28   ­­­­______ tunnel syndrome

  29   Opposite of cancerous


    1   Common site of infections for infants

    2   Nada

    3   Plasma cell cancer

    5   Common adverse effect of many medications

    6   Faultfinder extraordinaire

    7   Horizon happening

    8   OTC decongestant determined by FDA to be ineffective

  12   Govt. agency that regulates pesticides

  15   Neuropathologist who identified “presenile dementia”

  17   Nerves that run from the lower back down each leg

  19   All together

  20   NIH org. devoted to cancer research

  21   And others, in Latin

  24   Forearm bones

  27   Very long time

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