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Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!
James Keagy 1673

Crossword Challenge: Test your knowledge!

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Crossword Challenge

Crossword puzzle


  1  Pain reliever commonly used to treat fever

   Concerned one

   Part of the nucleus of a cell where ribosomes are made

  11  Fatty tissue

  12  By virtue of worthiness (two words)

  13  Bit of wisdom

  15  Pharmacists _________ more than 290 million patients during the pandemic

  18  Time when some patients reach for 1-across for pain relief

  19  Cancel

  21  Skin wounds

  24  Another name for Hansen’s disease

  26  A frightening but harmless figure

  27  Experimental phase of the drug approval process

  28  Type of event that results in many cases of a disease such as COVID-19


   2  Connective tissue found in the nose and outer ear

   3  Trunk of the human body

   4  Classic theory of inheritance

   5  Prefix meaning death

   Lung infection

   7  One on a moray foray

   8  Muscle contraction

  10  Satisfied

  14  Attraction on the banks of the Thames

  16  It landed at Plymouth Rock

  17  Sunscreen ingredient (two words)

  18  Hemorrhoids by another name

  20  Devoted

  22  Big mess

  23  Tender spots

  25  Ancient city in Jordan



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