You can guide APhA’s policies on important issues facing the profession

You can help APhA decide where it stands on the issues facing pharmacists and their patients!

APhA official policy is decided by our House of Delegates (HOD), which acts for the betterment of the membership, the profession, and our patients. The most important responsibility of delegates is to develop, discuss, and vote on important issues for professional growth, public health, and viability of the pharmacy profession.

During its meeting at APhA2017 in San Francisco, HOD made decisions about the Association’s official positions on patient access to pharmacist-prescribed medications, pharmacists’ role in value-based payment models, performance networks, pharmacy technician education and training, and more.

You may be asking, what is APhA’s HOD? But the most important question is WHO is APhA’s HOD?

The APhA HOD is a truly democratic 400-member body representing a cross-section of pharmacy professionals from all practice settings. HOD members come from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico—state pharmacy associations send delegates—12 national pharmacy organizations, five federal pharmacy groups, and representatives from APhA’s three Academies, our Presidents, and our Board of Trustees.

APhA’s HOD is the one place where the diversity of the profession comes together to develop and strengthen a common voice.

You’ve all heard me talk about engagement, whether it be with your elected officials to build support for federal provider status recognition (I hope you’ve all written your three letters!) or by forming relationships with the other members of the health care team, particularly in the current shift toward value-based payment models.

Getting involved with HOD is another great way to make your voice heard. Volunteer opportunities are open to any APhA member who wants to be part of the HOD policy development process.

We have a toolkit to help you learn more and get involved. I hope you’ll consider participating.