A tribute to JPharmSci’s Ron Borchardt

I recently attended a scientific symposium in Lawrence, KS, honoring Ron Borchardt, PhD, the Editor-in-Chief of APhA’s Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JPharmSci). Ron recently retired from the University of Kansas after a distinguished 44-year career.

More than 300 scientists from around the world, including many of Ron’s former post-docs, attended the symposium. APhA staff member Julian Graubart, who is our staff interface with JPharmSci, also attended the events. I was invited to offer a tribute to Ron at a banquet at the conclusion of the symposium, which was arranged by Ron’s colleagues.

Ron’s connections with pharmacists and APhA go way back. Ron earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He served as Acting Dean of the School of Pharmacy for 2 years in his long, distinguished career. In 2003, Ron was awarded APhA’s Takeru Higuchi Research Prize, which recognizes the highest achievements in the pharmaceutical sciences and is international in scope and stature. 

At APhA we regard JPharmSci as a “crown jewel” among our published works.  APhA has published JPharmSci under its current title since 1961 and under other titles since 1912—that’s 103 years! For the past 15 years, Ron has served as Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the journal. I am excited and pleased to announce that Ron has accepted APhA’s invitation to continue serving as the journal’s Editor-in-Chief for 5 more years.

While Julian and I were in Lawrence, we attended the annual JPharmSci Editors’ meeting. We discussed an important agenda item. Effective January 1, 2016, we will begin working with Elsevier, the largest scientific journal publisher in the world.  We believe that Elsevier, working with Ron and his team, will advance our excellent journal to have an even greater worldwide impact.

Congratulations Ron on a remarkable career—well done!