Traffic report: APhA numbers increasing

We all hate to run into heavy traffic on the roads, but when looking at Web and readership of journals and magazines, increased "traffic" is a good thing. At APhA, we've been gratified at the rapid growth and visits to, Facebook, Twitter, and this blog. Since July, our unique visits and time spent on our "pages" has been increasing as well.

I get reports that readership and citations of our APhA periodicals are increasing. While not directly related, I think it's relevant that our Political Action Committee contributions have doubled over last year as well. Attendance in our certificate programs like MTM and immunization are "through the roof" this fall.

All of these are positive signs, but we are just getting started. Your membership is incredibly valuable to our long-term ability to serve the profession. And our PAC is becoming increasingly important in our efforts to stay connected on the Hill. With pharmaceutical company sponsorship down, our ability to attract readers to our publications is more important than ever to sustain the provision of excellent content for pharmacists. Thanks for your continued support. We couldn't be this successful without you.