Tip of the hat: Student pharmacist shares her story in op-ed for H.R. 4190

Every day, in one way or another, I ask pharmacists to get involved with us, and to share their patient care stories in our quest to help our patients get access and coverage for our services. I often recognize that our story of underutilized capacity is beginning to be heard. This morning, as I was catching up on my reading, an op-ed jumped out at me—a guest column on SpaceCoastDaily.com by Christina Beatty, a 2015 PharmD candidate at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and a member of the APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists.

It’s very well written—short and to the point with a specific anecdote that any reader can identify with. It tells a story without preaching and does so accurately with regard to H.R. 4190, our proposed provider status legislation. So here’s a tip of the hat to Christina and her mentors. Such a well-written article doesn't just happen; it takes time to write and to “pitch” to the news outlets. Here's one student pharmacist who showed real leadership and got involved!