Superhero-worthy team-based care at The Daily Planet

Pharmacists looking for fulfilling team-based patient care roles could take a page from APhA President Kelly Goode’s playbook. Last week, I got to see her practice firsthand and was impressed by many things. But most of all, I was impressed with the commitment to service among the medical and administrative staff members practicing in this totally team-based health care clinic in downtown Richmond, VA. 

The Daily Planet was named originally for the transformation described by homeless teens when, like Clark Kent, they enter the “phone booth” (the clinic) and emerge as Superman. Today, the organization has evolved and serves a much broader clientele while continuing to serve patients who are homeless and underserved in the area. 

The care provided there truly transforms lives. As the “hired guy” in APhA’s leadership, I am proud to call President Goode “Boss”!