Sorting through therapy choices: New APhA tools available

Earlier this year, APhA brought together national pharmacy and medicine leaders to explore and enhance the optimal use of omega-3 fish oil products for the treatment of patients with very high triglycerides (VHTG).

The advisory board solicited input from multidisciplinary experts to build strategies for achieving appropriate treatment of VHTG levels and optimal patient outcomes. Our unbiased experts reviewed the clinical data, practice guidelines, and process-of-care barriers to optimize patient outcomes. They recommended the development of public and professional educational resources/offerings to delineate the differences between oversight, content, and use of omega-3 prescription medications and dietary supplements.

So, we’ve followed the experts’ recommendation! As science evolves and evidence teaches us new insights, we’ve got to remain lifelong learners. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest information, we’re introducing a new pharmacist resource called Practice Tools. These tools are intended to quickly and effectively provide clarity on relevant and current topics important to your patients.

For the latest information about treatment of VHTG, check out the new Practice Tools webpage at .

Keep your eye out for the August issue of Pharmacy Today, which includes an article about the use of omega-3 fish oil for achieving appropriate VHTG levels.