Pharmacists respond to disaster in Haiti

Our team has had numerous discussions with the UN and other agencies involved in Haitian relief efforts. In an unbelievable response to our call for volunteers over the weekend, the Global Action Foundation received 2000 emails and about 600 calls from APhA members. To say the least, the group's staff members are thrilled but overwhelmed, especially given the chaos and uncertainty on the ground in Haiti and to some degree the Dominican Republic they are also dealing with.

To those pharmacists who volunteered, please know that the Global Action Foundation is working to compile a list of available pharmacists and make decisions on how to proceed. Because of the chaos, priority is being given to volunteers with disaster response experience. But this will be a long-term effort, so the information on all volunteers will be valuable for months to come.

At APhA, we will receive appropriate information so that we can assist the Foundation. We are also exploring ways we can share permissable information with other agencies or organizations that are looking for pharmacists to volunteer for medical missions in the future.

APhA will place a message in Monday's Focus e-mail newsletter updating everyone on this situation and thanking those who volunteered.

Thanks to those who expressed interest. Stay tuned, and bless you!