Pharmacists continue to build momentum, increase access

If you read my blog regularly, then you know we’re very focused on getting pharmacists on the team and in the game. And together with thousands of pharmacists’ innovative and determined efforts, we’re making significant progress. Just how much progress? Well, we have the answer!

At APhA2016, we released APhA’s 2016 Pharmacists’ Patient Care Services Digest. Based on a 2015 environmental scan of pharmacists who deliver patient care services, this publication is a gold mine of information about evolving trends, successes, and barriers for the profession.

The publication shows the continued growth of pharmacists’ patient care services and emphasizes the expanded roles pharmacists have in the health care system.

If you are one of the folks highlighted in the Digest, thanks and congratulations on your great work! If you are a pharmacist who is skeptical that we can make a difference by providing patient care services, I challenge you to read this Digest. You are well trained, and the health care system needs you. And if you are doubtful about your skills, we have training programs to help you update and to learn the nuances of team-based care.

For a free copy of the Digest, visit For a high-level summary of the Digest, read the press release at