Pharmacist action at town hall in Virginia last night!

View Brian Lawson's question and the responses at 1:13:33.

APhA staff members Brian Lawson, PharmD, and Allison Wiley, MA, attended a packed town hall meeting in a Reston, VA, high school gymnasium last night. The event was hosted by Congressman Moran (D–VA) and Howard Dean, MD, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Fortunately, Moran's staff selected one of Brian’s questions regarding MTM. While watching the clip, if you drag the playback bar under the video to reflect 1 hour and 13 minutes (1:13:33 to be exact), you will see and hear Brian’s question and answer.

Congressman Moran was unaware of pharmacists’ contributions, but Dean used his medical background to step up and put in a plug for pharmacists (and nurse practitioners) being used to reduce costs. Allison's sister Beth was also selected to ask a question about single payer, and it can be viewed at the 1:42:35 mark.