The man behind ‘The Wall’

In 2009, shortly after rejoining the APhA staff, I met Jan Scruggs. He lives near me in Annapolis. Since our first meeting, I am proud to call him a good friend, and grateful that in addition to a life of service to our country, he also served on the APhA Foundation Board of Directors.

What you may not know is that Scruggs is the planner and designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is also called “The Wall.” As he described it to me, he wanted to help our country separate political views about war while unquestionably honoring those warriors who serve our country to keep us free.

Given that APhA HQ is right next door to The Wall in DC, I thought you would find this story in Stars and Stripes interesting. It details Scruggs’s incredible journey filled passion, dedication, and struggle to build The Wall.

The new project referred to in the story will be located directly between our APhA building and the Lincoln Memorial, on the National Mall, just west of the Vietnam Memorial.