It’s that time of year again!

Each year during American Pharmacists Month, I have the privilege of getting MY flu shot from a pharmacist. The occasion gives me the opportunity to visit different locations. This year, I received my influenza vaccination from Carl Woelfel, PharmD, at the Walgreens flagship store in the Chinatown neighborhood in downtown Washington, DC.

Reflecting on 20 years of the evolving roles of pharmacists, stimulated and advanced by our now central role in immunizations, it is gratifying to see how well folks like Dr. Woelfel provide care. I couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception or a more polite and professional pharmacy staff. From questions about the registration form to questions about the vaccine I was receiving, there was nothing the staff couldn’t help me with.

As I sat there waiting for my turn, I was impressed by the scope of vaccinations and other patient care services that pharmacists provide. It gave me pride in what our profession is contributing to communities. Thanks to Carl and hundreds of thousands of pharmacists, we’re all a better protected “community” in the fight against preventable disease!