Health Care Reform - Share Your Views With Us

Over the last several weeks, if you're like me, you been reading and listening to the Health Care Reform debate in the House and Senate while President Obama pushes both to stay focused on the completion of legislation for his signature. As detail gets added to proposals, more opportunities for discord develop. Americans generally agree that our system could be better, but doubts about the cost and the specter of rising taxes are being voiced.

I have heard similar concerns from our members, some of them expressing vehement opposition to the cost of HCR. Yet, this opposition has not risen to a level that suggests to me that APhA should oppose reform. Rather, I have kept us focused on the offensive -- pushing for inclusion of pharmacists' SERVICES in any reform model. Thus far, we've been successful in getting pharmacist-provided MTM plugged in.

I've talked with many pharmacists at meetings the last few months. The sense I get from them is that we are on the right course. This blog is yet another channel for you to express your thinking. I hope you'll take advantage of the opportunity and share your views.