Congratulations, Dr. Gans, and thanks!

Many of you know that John Gans and I have an interesting past. In 1989, I was serving on staff at APhA when he was hired as the exec—thus, he became my boss. In 2001, after a few years on the Board of Trustees, I became APhA's President, and thus I became his boss. During our 5-month transition as APhA's outgoing and incoming CEOs, he could not have been a better friend or mentor to me as I prepared for my role. For that I will always be grateful. Over the years I have been the benefactor of his wisdom on numerous occasions, and maybe I was able to help him once or twice as well.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, I thought you might be interested to learn that Dr. Gans has been appointed Executive Director of Healthcare Leadership in Mayes College of Healthcare Business and Policy at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. In addition to his role in the business school, he will serve USP's College of Pharmacy as a professor of healthcare and pharmaceutical business and as a professor of pharmacy.

I know he and Eileen are glad to be home in Philadelphia, and I wish them health, happiness, and prosperity.