A challenge to blog readers

APhA does a lot of things, including building coalitions, getting volunteers involved, and convening meetings under the big tent that is APhA. That's all good, but a lot of our members, and frankly lots of pharmacists who aren't members, don't have time to get involved. For them, we need to get better at "convening" in a virtual sense, either on Facebook, this blog, or other channels that fit your needs at any particular moment.

So, this blog should not only inform, but also stimulate you and others to share thoughts, suggestions, observations, complaints or whatever. And, this should serve as a forum where any pharmacist can come and be heard. There are lots of our members who are experts at things you would like to know more about, or who share your passion for a particular area of practice, industry or education. Maybe you are entrepreneurial and looking for ideas or someone who shares your interests. Connecting the knowledge with the question is what social media is supposed to facilitate — and what I'm trying to achieve here.

We have more than 2,000 people, most of them likely pharmacists, who follow this blog now. So, dive in and share your thoughts. Let's see where it takes us!