Celebrate what pharmacists have to offer!

Every October during American Pharmacists Month, we recognize the impact pharmacists have on improving medication use and advancing patient care throughout all practice settings.

The theme for American Pharmacists Month is "Know Your Pharmacist—Know Your Medicine.” It is based on one essential fact seen in pharmacies, clinics, and other health care sites every day: the more patients interact with their pharmacist, the more valuable their medicines and the more effective their treatments.

As serious as medication use is to most, this is also a month to lighten up and have some fun with your patients. Find fun ways to emphasize the theme in your practice settings. Visit www.pharmacist.com/american-pharmacists-month for tips on outreach and messaging to spread the word, a variety of ideas to inspire activities and events, and promotional items featuring the theme and logo.

From fun activities at your pharmacy to health-related community events, there are many different ways to celebrate American Pharmacists Month. Be sure to share your plans for American Pharmacists Month with us and encourage others to do the same. E-mail any coverage, clips, and event photos to APhA staff at aphm@aphanet.org.