APhA issues provider status statement

We have been working on provider status for some time now, but we have not been very public about it while we did some early groundwork. This morning, APhA issued a public statement for members of the pharmacy, medical, consumer, and legislative communities about those efforts to seek provider status for pharmacists’ clinical services. The statement is available on pharmacist.com.

We’ve also published a news article about some of the current activities regarding pharmacists’ provider status in the marketplace. Like us, many colleague pharmacy stakeholders have re-engaged on the issue of the recognition and valuation of pharmacists’ clinical services—the top strategic priority for APhA in 2013.

This is a major effort to obtain recognition of pharmacists as providers in the health care system, including the listing of pharmacists as providers in the non-physician part of Medicare Part B under the Social Security Act—also known as provider status. But the initiative isn’t just about a legislative fix. The profession is exploring all avenues, including working with the private sector and states to gain recognition for pharmacists’ services.

This won’t be easy, nor will it be immediate. As the national pharmacy organizations continue to develop a comprehensive and cohesive plan, we will need various types of advocacy from a critical mass of the profession. Whether by signing a petition or interacting with a lawmaker, it is important that you get involved. APhA applauds pharmacists being active and advocating for this cause.