APhA and Elsevier: New partnership enhances pharmacy publications

As the sun sets on 2015, I share our editors’ and editorial boards’ excitement about a big change that will take place at APhA as we kick off the New Year. We have selected Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, as the exclusive publisher, promoter, and distributor of the APhA publications Pharmacy Today, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Elsevier publishes more than 2,500 high quality scientific journals, including the Lancet. I am excited that APhA’s publications will be joining such a prestigious group!

APhA's team of outstanding editors and writers will retain complete responsibility for all of the editorial content of each publication. Elsevier will be responsible for publishing and distributing all print and electronic editions of APhA’s publications.

APhA’s collaboration with Elsevier is a win–win situation all around. By capitalizing on Elsevier’s expertise in producing intellectual content, APhA’s journals will remain competitive and highly regarded in the pharmacy field. Elsevier will also help us stay current with publishing trends and identify the needs of our authors and readers. This collaboration will give our excellent publications a boost so they will have an even greater worldwide impact and a stronger web presence.

Stay tuned as APhA and Elsevier work together to bring you the highest quality publications in the field of pharmacy!