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Transitions of Care SIG Community


The mission of the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG is to create a professional network of pharmacists and technicians who are working to overcome the transitional challenges and enhance the collaboration among pharmacists in all practice settings as they provide care to patients during transitions to/from various healthcare settings.


The purpose of the APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG is to provide a community where pharmacists and technicians form all practice settings can navigate the complex healthcare system by sharing ideas on how to collaborate in order to optimize the care that patients receive during transitions of care.

SIG Leaders

The SIG is led by a volunteer Coordinator and Coordinator-elect. Leaders are available to answer SIG member questions.

Coordinator: Ashley Lorenzen
Coordinator-elect: Brittany Stewart

SIG Committees

APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG Webinar Committee

The Webinar Committee is responsible for coordinating 1-2 webinars annually. The Committee determines topics based on SIG Engage community discussions and annual business meetings. The Committee works with APhA taff to determine speakers, timing, and management of the webinars.
Chair: Rupal Mansukhani 

APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG Practice Committee

The Practice Committee will form and lead a working group to develop a guidance document that discusses the role of the student pharmacist in care transitions in various settings and lead members in conversations related to care transitions including: policy and procedures; current research or articles; practice innovations; and payment models.
Co-chairs: Alyssa Lesko and Heidi Luder
Student Representative: Amanda Baumann

APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG Volunteer Opportunities

The APhA-APPM Transitions of Care SIG is seeking SIG members for future volunteer opportunities. Interested members are encouraged to take advantage of this member benefit and to share their voice within the SIG! Members will be contacted as opportunities become available. For any questions please contact the SIG Coordinator and/or Coordinator-elect.



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