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Preceptors take on many roles, that of teacher, coach, practitioner, provider, and faculty member.  Take advantage of the new APhA Advanced Preceptor Training to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to be a successful preceptor. If you currently serve as a preceptor, this program will give you access to peer-developed content which will provide you with additional knowledge and tools to enhance the experiential education process for you and your student pharmacists and residents. For new preceptors, the APhA Advanced Preceptor Training will provide you with a strong foundation to get started in your new role.

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Employers will find this program is a structured training experience that ensures your preceptors all have consistent and exceptional training. This online system will allow you to access reports providing you with your preceptor’s results.
If you are interested in providing this exceptional professional development program for your preceptors or seeing a demonstration of this program, please contact a member of the APhA corporate alliance team.

Training Goal 

The goal of the APhA Advanced Preceptor Training Program is to provide a formal curriculum for preceptors at all practice sites who interact with student pharmacists and residents.  To see a preview of this engaging training, select any of the "Track 1," "Track 2," "Track 3," or "Track 4" icons below.
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  • Roles of a Preceptor (required activity)
  • Setting Expectations for Rotation (required activity)
  • Developing Rotation Activities (required activity)
  • Communicating with Student Pharmacists
  • Preventing Preceptor Burnout
  • Complying with ACPE Standards for APPE and IPPE


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  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Evaluating Student Pharmacists and 
    Delivering Constructive Feedback
  • Navigating Conflict in the Experiential Setting
  • Legal Issues in Precepting
  • Motivating and Engaging Student Pharmacists
  • Professionalism During Rotation


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  • Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process
  • Guiding Practice-Based Research
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Medication Reviews and Patient Counseling Skills
  • Placing Journal Clubs into Practice


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  • Interprofessional Precepting
  • Cultural Competency and Health Literacy
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Interprofessional Communications

Participant Experience

The APhA Advanced Preceptor Training program is an online-only training program that will provide you with 13 hours of continuing pharmacy education credit. The program requires all learners to experience the same baseline education from Track 1, and then allows you to use the self-assessment to identify your educational needs within the three remaining content tracks. 
Following successful completion of the required number of activities, you will receive a Certificate of Completion which you can provide to your school or employer to show them your advanced training in the area of precepting.  In addition to the 13 hours of CPE credit, you will have access to the entire preceptor content for 365 days. 

Completion Requirements 

To earn continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit and/or a Certificate of Completion, participants must meet all the following requirements:
  • Complete the pre-requisite content to confirm baseline knowledge every preceptor must have.
  • Complete the self-assessment.
  • Identify and complete 10 activities and their associated assessment and evaluation. Participant must successfully complete each activity assessment with a score of 70% or better.
  • Once these steps have been successfully completed, your Certificate of Completion will be available to you online for immediate printing.
The APhA Advanced Preceptor Training program was developed by the American Pharmacists Association.

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