APhM for Pharmacy Technicians

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Add Your Special Touch


You make valuable contributions to the practice of pharmacy every day, all year long. You can also play a big role during American Pharmacists Month.

Team up with your fellow technicians and the pharmacists at your practice to help make your patients more aware of the important role you play in their health care.

Here are a few simple ideas to try:

  • Get Decked Out: Decorate your pharmacy with banners, posters and balloons that let everyone know its American Pharmacists Month. You can order materials here.
  • Coordinate Special Health Events: Work with the pharmacy team to set up an event where they can conduct blood pressure screenings or other pharmacy-based patient care services.
  • Host a Party: Invite community members to come in for cake and other treats. Give them goodie bags stuffed with educational brochures and other freebies, like magnets, pill cases, tote bags and pens. Volunteer as a greeter and demonstrate the prescription-filling process.
  • Change Your Bags: Encourage your pharmacists to put APhM stickers on pharmacy and prescription bags or other purchases.
  • Customize Your Phone Greeting: Change your automated voicemail greeting or answer your phones with something like, “Hello, this is Main Street Pharmacy, where we’re celebrating American Pharmacists Month.”
  • Get Social:  Incorporate APhM messages and events into your Facebook posts, Tweets, blog posts, and other social media activity. Find more social media tips here.

For more celebration and activity ideas, see the In Your Pharmacy section of this site.


Your Special Day
Remind your team members that the fourth Tuesday of October is National Pharmacy Technician Day! This is a day dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions technicians like you make in all practice settings throughout the year. Go ahead and celebrate!





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