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Honorary President in the American Pharmacists Association is conferred by the Association upon a member who has made significant contributions to the Association.

2017-2018 Honorary President Philip Burgess with APhA President Jean-Venable "Kelly" R. Goode

Nominate a colleague for APhA Honorary President (2019-2020)

Evaluation Criteria
Any APhA Member may nominate a person for Honorary President. A nominee has to be an APhA Member who has made significant contributions to the Association. No self nominations are accepted.

Nomination Process
The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination at the following link: Award Nomination Form. The deadline for nominations is October 1, annually.
The nomination is to include the following items:
• A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award
• Letters of recommendation are optional; two (2) letters are preferred with a maximum of six (6) accepted
• A current CV or detailed resume
Selection Process
The selection is made by the APhA Board of Trustees based upon careful review of complete nominations. The name of the individual selected for APhA Honorary President is included in the APhA Voter’s Guide and ballot for election by the APhA membership in the annual elections.
Nature of Award
The honor, conferred at the APhA Annual Meeting, consists of: a plaque, a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting registration and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA. The Honorary President serves a one-year term commencing on the first day of the Annual Meeting following the year in which elected. The Honorary President may be requested to represent the Association at a meeting, or may be asked to preside in a ceremonial capacity.
Past Honorary Presidents:
(Identified as Honorary Chairman of the Board 1979-89)
1907-08  Philip C. Candidus
1908-09  Samuel A. D. Sheppard
1909-10  Enno Sander
1910-11  Ewen McIntyre
1911-12  Henry Biroth
1912-13  Thomas F. Main
1913-14  Albert B. Lyons
1914-15  George H. Shafer
1915-16  Fabius C. Godbold
1916-17  J. O. Burge
1917-18  W. L. Dewoody
1918-19  Oliver F. Fuller
1919-20  Alvio B. Stevens
1920-21  John F. Hancock
1921-22  John C. Wallace
1922-23  Thomas D. McElhenie
1923-24  William L. DuBois
1924-25  Louis Emanuel
1925-26  W. A. Frost
1926-27  W. H. Rogers
1927-28  Edward Mallinckrodt
1928-29  F. E. Stewart
1929-30  E. V. Zoeller
1930-31  Elie H. La Pierre
1931-32  Henry S. Wellcome
1932-33  Charles F. Heebner
1933-34  Edward Kremers
1934-35  J. K. Lilly
1935-36  D.M.R. Culbreth
1936-37  W. G. Gregory
1937-38  H. G. Ruenzel
1938-39  W. C. Anderson
1939-40  J. W. Gayle
1940-41  W. P. Porterfield
1941-42  J. C. Peacock
1942-43  James E. Hancock
1943-44  George Judisch
1944-46  L. A. Seltzer
1946-47  A. C. Taylor
1947-48  Gustavus A. Pfeiffer
1948-49  John Culley
1949-50  Robert C. Wilson
1950-51  Ernest G. Eberhardt
1951-52  Curt P. Wimmer
1952-53  Rufus A. Lyman
1953-54  Eli Lilly
1954-55  E. F. Cook
1955-56  Max N. Lemberger
1956-57  F.W. Nitardy
1957-58  F. O. Taylor
1958 -59  George O. Young
1959-60  Harry Loynd
1960-61  Oscar Rennebohm
1961-62  Heber Youngken, Sr.
1962-63  Paul Pittinger
1963-64  Tom Foster
1964-65  Carl Durham
1965-66  Nicholas S. Gesoalde
1966-67  Henry Burlage
1967-68  Troy C. Daniels
1968-69  Mrs. Hugo H. Schaefer
1969-70  Charles O. Lee
1970-71  B. Samuel Rogers
1971-72  Arthur H. Uhl
1972-73  B. B. Brown
1973-74  Attilio R. Granito
1974-75  George L. Webster
1975-76  Justin L. Powers
1976-77  Nick M. Avellone
1977-78  Fred Meek (posthumously)
1978-79  Roy A. Bowers
1979-80  Edward S. Brady
1980-81  Marjorie D. Coghill
1981-82  Conrad A. Blomquist
1982-83  Louise Schmitz Kortz
1983-84  Roland T. Lakey
1984-85  Allen J. Brands
1985-86  Glenn Sonnedecker
1986-87  Gloria Niemeyer Francke
1987-88  Donald C. Brodie
1988-89  Arthur G. Zupko
1989-90  Ewart A. Swinyard
1990-91  George B. Griffenhagen
1991-92  David J. Krigstein
1992-93  E. Claiborne Robins
1993-94  Paul F. Parker
1994-95  Luther R. Parker
1995-96  Alvin N. Geser
1996-97  August P. Lemberger
1997-98  Mary Louise Andersen
1998-99  Louis P. Jeffrey
1999-00  Warren E. Weaver
2000-01  Charles D. Pulido
2001-02  Charles R. Walgreen, Jr.
2002-03  Ernest Mario
2003-04  Stephen Eben Dibble
2004-05  Joseph D. Williams
2005-06  Joy Holloman Donelson
2006-07  Samuel H. Kalman
2007-08  John G. Vandel
2008-09  Anthony N. Civello
2009-10  Jimmy R. Mitchell
2010-11  Dennis B. Worthen
2011-12  Hazel M. Pipkin
2012-13  Daniel A. Hussar
2013-14  Norman A. Campbell
2014-15  Theodore G. Tong
2015-16  Metta Lou Henderson
2016-17  Jean Paul Gagnon
2017-18  Philip Burgess

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