Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award

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The Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award, in honor of the first president of the American Pharmaceutical Association, is APhA’s premier practice award to recognize a pharmacy practitioner in any practice setting, who has distinguished himself/herself and the profession by outstanding performance.
2017 recipient Mary Ann Kliethermes (left) and APhA President Jean-Venable "Kelly" R. Goode

Nominate a colleague for the 2018 APhA-APPM Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award!


Evaluation Criteria

The nominee for the Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award must be a pharmacist who is a member of APhA, an APhA-APPM member, and a pharmacy practitioner in any practice setting who has distinguished himself or herself and the profession of pharmacy by sustained outstanding performance and achievement. Remington Medalists are not eligible for the award. Nomination and recommendation letters should include a description of the nominee’s impact on practice and the profession Applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria (listed alphabetically; not in rank order):

• APhA related activities (leadership, committees, speaker, publication contributor/reviewer, etc.)
• Awards and recognition (state/national/university)
• Community service (government, religious, civic, etc.)
• Impact on the nominee’s area of practice and on the profession (innovative practice/scholarly activities)
• Participation in other professional associations (leadership, committee, etc.)

Nomination Process
The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete award nomination. The deadline for nomination materials is September 1.

The nomination is to include the following items:
• A letter from the nominator describing the most important achievements of the nominee and explaining why the nominee meets the criteria for the award
• One (1) letter of recommendation is required; a maximum of two (2) letters accepted
• A current CV or detailed resumé

Selection Process
The selection is made by the APhA-APPM Awards Committee based upon careful review of complete nominations and criteria as listed above.

Nature of Award:
The award to be presented at the APhA Annual Meeting consists of a 14K gold diamond ring in a presentation case. The recipient will also receive a complimentary APhA Annual Meeting registration and reimbursement for meeting-related travel expenses, according to current travel policies and up to the maximum amount budgeted by APhA. The award is endowed by Bristol-Meyer Squibb Company.

Past Recipients of the Daniel B. Smith Award:
1965 Eugene V. White
1966 Raymond Dunn
1967 James Moore
1968 Arnold L. Snyder
1969 David J. Krigstein
1970 William F. Appel
1971 Wallace S. Klein
1972 Paul Lofholm
1973 Martin Rein
1974 Kenneth E. Tiemann
1975 Morris Boynoff
1976 Donald J. Wernik
1977 William R. Bacon
1978 Emil W. Baker
1979 Howard L. Dell
1980 Joseph A. Mosso
1981 Robert L. Snively
1982 Mario Casinelli
1983 Carl F. Emswiller, Jr.
1984 Max Stollman
1985 John W. Hasty
1986 Calvin H. Knowlton
1987 Ron Gieser
1988 Margaret C. Yarborough
1989 Donald. L. Beck
1990 Evelyn D. Timmons
1991 John H. Vandel
1992 John T. Bailey
1993 Robert E. Listecki
1994 James B. Hills

Past Recipients of the APhA Practice Excellence Award:
1992 D. Stephen Crawford
1993 Grover C. Bowles, Jr.
1994 Frederick S. Mayer

Past Recipients of the APhA Daniel B. Smith Practice Excellence Award:
1995 William H. Briner
1996 Hazel M. Pipkin
1997 Ray Edward Marcrom
1998 Charles R. Green
1999 Marialice Bennett
2000 Stanley M. Shaw
2001 Michael R. Cohen
2002 Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
2003 James A. Ponto
2004 Dennis K. Helling
2005 Ralph E. Small
2006 Marie A. Chisholm
2007 Randy P. McDonough
2008 George H. Hinkle
2009 Samuel C. Augustine
2010 Daniel E. Buffington
2011 Jean-Venable “Kelly” R. Goode
2012 Steven T. Simenson
2013 Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner
2014 Allen Nichol
2015 Cynthia J. Boyle
2016 Jonathan Marquess
2017 Mary Ann Kliethermes

*In 1993, APhA-APPM recommended the merging of the Daniel B. Smith Award and the Practice
Excellence Award so as to have one premier APhA practitioner award. The APhA Board of Trustees
approved this recommendation in 1994. The first combined award was presented in 1995.

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