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To create a professional network of pharmacists who share an interest in any or all aspects of precepting student pharmacists and/or pharmacy residents.


To create an interactive community where pharmacists who precept students and residents have the opportunity to communicate and get feedback on precepting strategies, precepting challenges and solutions, and opportunities for preceptor growth and development. This community will also serve as a conduit for APhA to a) identify practice-based teaching models that support the advancement of patient-care services and b) address training and development needs of preceptor pharmacists in order to continually improve the quality of experiential teaching within the profession of pharmacy.

SIG Leaders

The SIG is led by a volunteer Coordinator and Coordinator-elect. Leaders are available to answer SIG member questions.

Coordinator: Lanita White
Coordinator-elect: Cortney Mospan 

SIG Committees

APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG Membership Committee
To identify the educational needs of both new and seasoned preceptors.

APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG Communications Committee (Chair: Morgan Sayler)
To utilize the website for communication among preceptors; to identify resource needs among preceptors.                                                                       

APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Committee (Chair: Angela Olenik)
To identify needs and opportunities for new practitioner preceptors.

APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG Recognition Committee (Chair: Nathan Pope)
To identify ways to recognize preceptors within our academy. 

APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG Volunteer Opportunities

The APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG is seeking SIG members for future volunteer opportunities. Interested members are encouraged to take advantage of this member benefit and to share their voice within the SIG! Members will be contacted as opportunities become available. For any questions please contact the SIG Coordinator and/or Coordinator-elect.

Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Spotlight: Mark Huffmyer, PharmD

Each month, the Preceptor SIG will highlight the activities and accomplishments of a New Practitioner member. This month's spotlight is on Dr. Mark Huffmyer, Pharm, BCGP
Dr. Mark Huffmyer currently practices as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist at the White House Clinics in Kentucky. The White House Clinics are a Federally Qualified Health Care system and serve low income patients. After graduating with his PharmD from the University of Kentucky in 2014, Dr. Huffmyer completed the University of Kentucky Community Pharmacy Residency. He currently precepts APPE students who are quickly integrated into the clinic's anticoagulation service.
Dr. Huffmyer expresses that he became a preceptor because one of his favorite hats to wear as a pharmacist is that of a teacher. "I have always enjoyed mentoring and teaching people, whether it is teaching a patient about their drugs, or a student how to think like a pharmacist. I think it is really rewarding to develop a student, honing their strengths and knowledge, and to see the progress they make through my rotation, and onwards in their career as a pharmacist. There is no feeling like watching a student finally grasp a concept and getting it all to 'click'. To me, it is the little experiences that are the most rewarding and memorable. A few weeks ago, a student whom I had precepted last year surprised us with a visit at our pharmacy (and with donuts, yum!). He was now a pharmacist and we talked about how his job was, and how things had changed since he was a student (at our practice site). It meant a lot to me that he took the morning on one of his few days off to drive over 30 minutes (we are in rural Kentucky) to visit an old preceptor and catch up with the technicians and other staff he had interacted with." 
Dr. Huffmyer encourages other New Practitioners who interested in becoming preceptors to have confidence and give it a try. "Being a preceptor can be daunting. It can seem like a lot of work and overwhelming on top of all of your other responsibilities. But if you give it a chance, and put in the time and energy it deserves, it will be a very rewarding and fulfilling aspect of your career."
Aside from precepting, Dr. Huffmyer serves within APhA on the APhA Transitions Editorial Advisory Board and as a Delegate to the House at prior APhA Annual Meetings and Expositions. Dr. Huffmyer also serves within the Kentucky Pharmacists Association on the Public Health Committee. 
If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) a candidate for a future spotlight, please contact APhA-APPM Preceptor SIG New Practitioner Chair Angela Olenik at


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