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APhA Medication Management Special Interest Group (SIG) Community, APhA Accademy of Pharmacy Practice & Management (APhA-APPM)


The mission of the APhA Medication Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is to create a professional network of pharmacists who share an interest in all or any aspect of medication therapy management (MTM) services.


The purpose of the APhA Medication Management SIG is to create an online community where pharmacists from different areas of practice have the opportunity to communicate professional interests, concerns, and prospective goals for MTM services. This community will serve as a conduit for APhA to address the needs of practicing pharmacists in order to continuously and actively shape the provision of pharmacist-led MTM services into financially viable models of practice that produce improved patient outcomes.


APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG leaders and committees
SIG leaders:

The APhA Medication Management SIG is led by a volunteer coordinator and coordinator-elect. Leaders are available to answer SIG member questions.  

Coordinator: Rachel Stafford
Coordinator-elect: Ashley Coleman

SIG committees:

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Education Committee
Purpose: To share practice, educational and research findings and best practices with SIG colleagues and APhA members as well as inform members of new or proposed regulatory and legislative actions.
Chair: Ronald DeBellis
Co-chair: Hoai-An Truong

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Business/Practice Model Committee
Purpose: To share MTM business and business model expertise among members to help ensure financially viable MTM practices.
Chair: Tara Pfund
Co-chair: Nikki Scott

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Clinical Committee
Purpose: To share clinical expertise among members, improve medication use, and optimize patient clinical outcomes through networking among clinical practitioners with different areas of expertise.
Chair: Michael Sreshta
Co-chair: Robin Cooke

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Telehealth Committee
Purpose: To assist in identifying pharmacists with APhA membership who practice in telephonic and/or with use of various social media tools in their MTM practice sites. The committee also fosters a sense of community among these pharmacists and opportunity to exchange practice information to make their practice models available to all SIG members.
Chair: Ashley Coleman
Co-chair: Kate Johnson

The APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG is seeking individuals to serve as Committee members and Committee Chairs for the SIG Committees. Interested members are encouraged to take advantage of this member benefit by submitting an application to volunteer by March 23! Members will be contacted by mid-April. For any questions please contact the SIG Coordinator and/or Coordinator-elect.

APhA-APPM Medication Management SIG Resources

Toolkit for Marketing MTM to Prescribers

Developing relationships with prescribers can greatly enhance MTM services in community pharmacies - benefiting the pharmacist, prescriber, and the common patients they care for. The Medication Management SIG's Toolkit for Marketing MTM to Prescribers  includes 10 resources that help to guide pharmacists through the general approach and conversation components that will fuel budding collaborations between pharmacists and prescribers in MTM service delivery.

Telehealth Testimonials

Learn about successful telehealth programs! These resources were created by the Telehealth Committee of the Medicataion Management SIG. Please note APhA members must login to view the PDFs.

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