Lead 360

Lead360 is part of APhA's Leadership360 Institute and launches with Lead360: The Leader Within program. Lead360 prepares pharmacy professionals for their roles as leaders of themselves, their patients, healthcare teams, the profession, and their communities. 

Lead360: The Leader Within


In partnership with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute

Lead360: The Leader Within is APhA’s inaugural offering to empower pharmacists to take a purposeful approach to their professional and personal lives. This introspective experience helps participants discover and clarify the personal values, interests, strengths, and needs which inform, support and direct their personal and career goals. This self-discovery fuels individuals to lead from where they stand and take a “player” mindset in their lives.

Lead360: The Leader Within is a live, in-person experience where participants will learn, connect, and share with a small group of peers. There will be at least one facilitator for every 12 people, providing a more personalized experience. At the end of the weekend, participants will:

  • Understand and demonstrate what motivates them to be a leader,
  • Identify and leverage their personal leadership strengths and how to address their weaknesses, and
  • Recognize the importance of meeting their personal needs and following their interests to promote grit and resilience.

Participants will be more self-aware and be able to apply what they have learned to better align personal values, interests, strengths, and needs with those of the organizations and teams they are part of (e.g. work, professional organizations, family, community groups).

Participants have the option to extend their leader development journey through a 3-month virtual cohort experience following completion of the live session. During the virtual experience, participants will participate in learning activities every other week. These learning activities will include 30-minute webinars that can be viewed on the participant's schedule (live attendance is not required), activities to implement what the participant has learned in everyday life, and 60-minute small cohort calls with an expert facilitator and 3-5 other participants. During the calls, the group will share their progress toward their leadership development plan and their experiences with the implementation activities. The expert facilitator will help guide participants toward purposeful integration of the leadership lessons into their lives.

Sign up for the full experience (live + virtual) or attend the live session and add the virtual program after!

  • The Virtual Experience (Note: You must register for a live session to be eligible for The Virtual Experience.)