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Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Community


The APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists Special Interest Group (SIG) provides an opportunity for leadership development and involvement of immunizing pharmacists in the Academy’s policy, advocacy, and awards processes.


The purpose of the APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG provides members with leadership development support, as well as opportunities to engage in the policy, education, and awards and recognition processes important to immunizing pharmacists.  

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Leadership, Committees & Sub-Groups
SIG Leaders:
Coordinator: Monali Majmudar
Coordinator-elect: Jessica Hinson
SIG Committees:

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacist SIG Recognition Committee
Purpose: To facilitate nominations for the APhA Immunization Champion Awards and other Association related awards. Identify members for recognition at the SIG business meeting during the Annual Meeting.
Chair: Deanna Tran

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Communications Committee
Purpose: To promote and identify pharmacists' immunization activities with current APhA immunization communications (APhA Engage).
Chair: Sheena Patel

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Education Committee
Purpose: To identify best immunization practices and to facilitate those practices in being showcased via APhA Annual Meetings and/or educatinal venues (e.g. webinars, publications).
Chair: Genevieve Levans
Co-Chair: Jamie Remines

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Guidelines/Policy Committee
Purpose: To explore provider status issues around the topic of immunizations and other policy areas.
Chair: Garth Reynolds

APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG Travel Health & Medicine Committee
Purpose: The focus of the Committee is to promote the role of the pharmacist in regards to travel health and serve as a resource for those interested in travel health.
Chair: Keri Hurley

The APhA-APPM Immunizing Pharmacists SIG is seeking individuals to serve as Committee members and Committee Chairs for the SIG Committees. Interested members are encouraged to take advantage of this member benefit by submitting an application to volunteer by March 23! Members will be contacted by mid-April. For any questions please contact the SIG Coordinator and/or Coordinator-elect.

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