Immunization Best Practices

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Title text: Immunization updates and Best Practices. Map of continental United States with graphic of diabetes syringe and supporting text: "Welcome".
to APhA’s online education for immunization best practices. Click the links below to begin participating in these home study activities that address immunization protocols, laws and best practices.*  


the importance of state immunization registries and how proper recordkeeping and documentation protocols can help boost immunization rates in your practice.  


your knowledge of pharmacy laws by learning how state-mandated age restrictions and immunization protocols can impact vaccination laws in your practice.


practice concepts derived from immunization laws and administrative codes pertaining to the Pharmacy Practice Act, which may improve your practice’s immunization rates.


relevant updates to immunization protocols and how these protocols may impact the way you conduct recordkeeping and documentation in your practice.


how Healthy People 2020 can create opportunities for improvement in your practice when vaccinating against seasonal influenza.

*For complete ACPE/accreditation information, visit the specific activity site.

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