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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the American Pharmacists Association's (APhA) website, and your interest in APhA's Education.  Below are links on various topics.  For your ease, once you click on one of the links, if you have another question, those same links will then be in the box entitled LEARN in the left column of the web page.

APhA Education Staff is interested in helping you find the information for which you are seeking. If you still have a question - whether we did not provide enough information on these pages or if you do not see an answer to your question - please contact us at


  • Library - APhA's catalog of over 90 education products
  • My Training - All the courses in which you have enrolled, and the box where you can redeem an enrollment code (requires login)
  • Locating APhA Education Products and Accessing Content - Where to find different types of APhA's Education Products, Lists of organizations which host the APhA certificate training programs, and How to enroll and access content
  • How to Obtain CPE Credit and Transcript / CE Broker - Step by step instructions, How CPE gets passed to CPE Monitor and CE Broker
  • Reissue Certificate - How to request your certificate of achievement to be reissued
  • Who to Contact - APhA's InfoCenter, Education, NABP/CPE Monitor, and LearnSomething (an APhA education technology vendor)
  • Changing Self-Designation - Directions of changing designation (pharmacist, student pharmacist, other, et cetera) in APhA's learning management system
  • Pennsylvania Board - Information and Instructions on requesting a Page 2 to be filed with the PA Board
  • Technology / Troubleshooting - Listing of the Systems Requirements to complete an APhA online course; and some troubleshooting instructions
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