Time management app replaces my planner

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Internet Connection By Mark Huffmyer, PharmD, BCGP

Time management has always been a passion of mine. It was a skill taught to me at a young age, when a color-coded calendar hung on the family fridge to keep track of my dad’s business dinners, my mom’s volunteer work, and the various sports practices and after-school club meetings my brother and I were involved in. As I got older, I realized time management is such a vital skill in managing all of my commitments and activities.

In high school, I was extremely picky about my planner, only buying certain brands that met my specific needs. When I began college in the late 2000s, I looked forward to the beginning of each semester when I would make my color-coded weekly schedule of classes and meetings. However, as cellphones and electronics became more prevalent, it became increasingly inconvenient to keep my planner with me at all times and to constantly reference and update it. Seeing this need, I sought out an app or electronic device that would satisfy my portable time-management need and work cohesively with my electronic calendar. Todoist was the app I found that was best able to meet my time management needs.

For both personal and professional use
At its most basic function, Todoist is an electronic to-do-list, but it has many features that serve various purposes. Tasks are really easy to add and you can use language like “Monday at 2 pm.” One of my favorite utilities is that it can work on a variety of platforms and devices from an app on my phone to a desktop computer, and they all sync with one another effortlessly.

Recurring tasks are a breeze to add as well by simply typing details such as “every Friday at 8 am.” You can share projects and tasks with other people while also breaking down large projects into many subtasks. It can also integrate with some e-mail clients, which is really beneficial. The app allows me to add an e-mail as a “task” on my to-do-list, reminding me to respond to it later or to send a follow-up e-mail if I don’t get a response back in a certain time.

I use this app for so many things in my personal and professional life. It is easy to use for small tasks and reminders, such as picking up the dry cleaning after work. Todoist also works great for bigger, long-term tasks, like career goals. I can add a task such as “get board certified” and add many sub tasks, such as studying each week, applying to take the test, and updating my CV once I have achieved my goal.

Good karma
You can view your data in the app in various ways, such as a daily view, by certain project, or list view. My favorite view is the 7-day view, which shows all of my tasks due over the next week. This way I always see what is coming and never forget a task that I need to complete! Another small touch that I really enjoy is the “karma” feature. Whenever you check off something on your Todoist, something that I love to do, you get karma points. The points you accumulate are assigned different “titles,” which don’t mean anything, but for someone who gets pleasure from checking things off a to-do-list, it's the little things that count!

Overall, this app is user-friendly and simple, but also powerful and a great way to easily manage your time while on the go.

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