November/December 2016 • Volume 13, Number 2



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Protect, promote, and advance 6

By LCDR Jessica Kreger, PharmD, PMP

My lifelong dream 7

By LT Andrew Benson, PharmD

Change the future through advocacy 8

By Evan Colmenares

From advocacy to implementation in Washington State 9

By James Kent

Policy and advocacy the IPSF way 12

By Allie Jo Shipman

Together We Can spirit in Arizona 13

By Daniel Bell

Top 10 residency application mistakes 14

By Timothy Ulbrich, PharmD, Jacalyn Rogers, PharmD, MS, BCPS, and 
Mate Soric, PharmD, BCPS

How to write a good letter of intent 16

By Monica L. Miller, PharmD, MS

Pharmacy burglary and drug abuse: A positive correlation 20

By the APhA–ASP Policy Standing Committee



From APhA Headquarters: Your advocate on Capitol Hill 2

From Your NEC: Live every year like it’s an election year 3 

Chapter Report: A culture of care in Montana 4

APhA Board of Trustees: Increased consciousness 
can be habit-forming 5

Leaders at Work: What it means to be a Policy Vice President 10

In the Community: Hampton University students CAARE 17

On Rotation Diary: Building blocks of opportunity 18

Preceptor Feedback: Keep communication lines open 19

APhA Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies: Into the depths of addiction 21

Internship: The last summer 22

Internship: A life-changing experience at Johns Hopkins 23

On Rotation: Lasting thoughts on a global health experience 24

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